New Arena Rex Stretches Open the Arena to Egyptian Themed Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 20th, 2013

Red Republic Games continues to unlock stretch goals in Arena Rex. Their next set to come up include some Egyptian-inspired models.

From the update:

In 5 days, Red Republic Games and their project Arena Rex has surpassed funding and achieved 6 stretch goals. New Stretches for Arena Rex lead the way to some fantastic look Egyptian themed miniatures from the royal ludus of Aegyptus.

The Morituri elevate and twist the munera far beyond the scope of anything Roman. Believing these sacred funerary games not only honor the fallen, but have the power to breach the boundaries of the afterlife, the Morituri eternally prepare for the next royal munera to aid in the restoration of their divine rulers. The Morituri aesthetic features the opulence of the pharaonic tomb, zealous and exotic warriors, and a dark fascination with death.

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  • Crazy how fast stretchgoals are added in this campaign – and the crowd (including me) still screams for more!

  • cannondaddy

    There’s four “arena style” Kickstarter project right now: Arena Rex, Ruination, Warriors of Darkmyre and Krosmaster Arena. They all very different and have their strengths but right now I like Arena Rex best for the mechanics and minis shown so far . I also like their plan to do beta testing with the pledgers over the summer.

    • grimbergen

      Cool… thanks for the tip about Krosmaster Arena. But yeah, I agree Rex looks the strongest now in all regards and the only one of the 4 I’m pledging in.