New Anima Tactics figures on their way to distributors

Cipher Studios have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to their distribution partners:

From their announcement:

We have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to our distribution partners. Two new Black Sun figures come out to play for Halloween.

Deimon is the personal valet and head of security for the Steiner family, major share holders in Black Sun along with the Delacroix’s.

The Type-012 is another undead/bio-weapon to add to Black Suns growing arsenal of monstrosities. The Type-012 came out looking better than I ever could have hoped, lets hear it for Ben Misenar and Angel Giraldez!

  • Orca

    Great concepts, sculpting…

  • jedijon

    Angel is an awesome painter!

    I’d love to see his stuff ‘Larger’ – like yesterday’s post for Infinity which he also painted–but the images at this site are only thumbnails any more. Too much bandwidth?

    It would be nice to review the new figures coming out without being obligated to search for images thereof on all the originating sites.

  • Repeter

    The only thing not awesome about both these sculpts and paintjobs is that neither of them is Morrigan. 😉

  • Nightbee

    Why even make the photos expandable if they’re going to be so small? Just include the link and forget about it. The better option, of course, would be to just make the pictures as big as they used to be.

    • Repeter

      I agree–the previews pics aren’t very good anymore. I like when things are better, not worse than before…

  • The Type-012 looks like a right monster.

  • decepticon1313

    Here are some links to the larger versions from the Cipher main page:


    These both look fantastic!