New Alkemy Auroch Manitou-Warrior for Aurlok Nation

Alkemy is showing off a picture of their new Auroch Manitou-Warrior.
Note: I didn’t really get a URL with this one and couldn’t find it on their regular page, hence why just a link to the bigger picture down below here.

From the update:

Aurlok Nation welcome Auroch Manitou-Warrior with oversize version “possessed”. 2 miniatures!

  • Valander

    I really wish it wasn’t so hard to get this stuff over here. I really like the Alkemy line, and was glad that Studio 38 picked it up when Kraken was going down, but it’s still hard to find in the US, and of course, even harder to find people interested in it.

  • I believe Miniature Market carries the studio 38 stuff. They do not get a lot of it in, but usually carry the new releases.