New aircraft releases from Raiden

Raiden Miniatures have released several new 1:285th and 1:600 scale aircraft.


From their website:

Apologies everybody for the lack of updates, we’ve been swamped with orders and have had to devote all of our time to filling orders. While this has been great for our cash flow it has seriously delayed releasing new planes.

While were still very busy, Mark has managed to get some new releases ready at long last. So without further adieu here’s what we have for you.


  • BF109A(B-1), Bf109B/C/D and a F9F-2 Panther from Mark
  • Mig-17 from George.
  • Westland Whirlwind & Saab Viggen from the old ‘Dogfight’ range
  • Spifire XIV from 3D


  • Avro 730 from Mark

We also have a large amount of new decals, rule books & even paints to add to the website and will get these up over the next week.