New Age of Sigmar pre-orders available from Games Workshop

Over the weekend, I assembled my Age of Sigmar starter set that was sent to me. Simply being the gamer that I am, looking over the various warscrolls, I found myself immediately starting to think about what I would want in order to expand on the forces. Granted, my immediate plans didn’t really have “buy grand Age of Sigmar forces,” I simply couldn’t help at least hypothesizing about what sort of things I’d add. Well, if I were to expand, Games Workshop’s put up some new stuff for pre-order that might be up my alley.

Granted, a lot of what’s up for pre-order is dice, and a rulebook… and a rulebook with dice. As usual, they’ve got their super-limited-edition version you can get. If not that, then you can get the hardback book, with or without Sigmarite or Khorne dice. If you just want the dice and shakers, you can get those, too. I think the blue ones are pretty.

Then we get to the models. There’s the Lord-Celestant, which is rather straightforward. After that, you can get Stormcast Eternal Liberators. When I was putting together the AoS starter, I ended up with a few extra Chaos bits because you could equip some of the guys with a standard, a horn, and make one the leader of the unit. The Stormcast Eternal Liberators set blows that out of the water in terms of extra pieces. Since there’s 4 different ways to arm your guys, and GW wants to make sure you can have all those options in one box, you get a LOT of bits that will end up not being used. You get enough bodies to make 5 guys, but you get 12 heads to choose from when putting them together. You can decide if that’s a good thing or not (and if it’s worth the cost for the box). You can either get the Liberators as a single unit, or as a bundle of 4 units (though for the same cost as buying 4 individual units would be).


  • jeffunde

    Seeing the prices on these items, how in the heck are you suppose to get new people into the game?

    • Ghool

      Having ridiculously high prices has never stopped them before. Why should it now?

      But, yeah… I guess they’re thinking Fantasy Marines will sell themselves, regardless of price?

      $85 for a dice cup and dice? Crazy.

      • Odinsgrandson

        Poke around GW’s store a little more- it looks like they recently had a huge price increase.

        • BaconSlayer

          Might be worth checking to see that you are looking at local currency, rather than NZ$.

          • Odinsgrandson

            Thanks, I noticed that too late.

            Man, New Zelanders pay a lot.

          • James Brown

            Yes, we do. Or at least, we would if we were silly enough to still buy GW products. Australia has it almost as bad. For years GW has insisted on totally ignoring the actual exchange rates for some reason. Once upon a time we could save a huge amount by shopping online from UK or US retailers. GW addressed this not by normalising Aus/NZ prices, but by strictly banning retailers from shipping down here.

            The most hilarious illustration was a year or so ago, when (mostly as a stunt) GW offered a whole chapter of Space Marines in a bundle. The NZ price was so inflated (compared to the actual exchange rate at the time) that you could genuinely have flown to the UK and back to buy it there, and still have enough left over for a cheap car. Needless to say, there are some fairly bitter feelings towards GW in this part of the world.

          • danielwrath

            This might sound silly, but… oh well! My own take on the prices for the Aussies is that GW created a market that would plunge into eBay. Not selling directly to them doesn’t mean they hurt their earnings, there’s a ton of people that still buy from Australia&New Zealand. These cleared all eBay offerings and left the rest of Europeans/Americans to keep on buying direct. Minimizing larger shipping costs too.
            Crazy theory, huh?

            As for AoS, it’s obviously directed to 40K players and will follow the same gameplay model. It’s simply a bad thing since it destroys the fantasy rank and file feeling and poops on the veteran fan base.

    • $200 US for 20 plastic guys is utterly ridiculous. What’s even funnier is below this article is the one for Warlord Games new Gates of Antares faction. For $112 US you get 19 men and 5 drones (all metal by the way), 5 dice and the beta rulebook. Gee, I wonder which is a better deal…

  • For those interested in a size comparison:

  • Ian Hunter

    Just so I understand for $400 you get 20 models. $20 a model seems a little bit steep.

    • Odinsgrandson

      The US$ version is about half the price- the link above takes you to the New Zealand GW store.

      • Wow… not quite sure how I got onto the NZ store there. Updated the link to take you to US store.

        • BaconSlayer

          Probably because the NZ store is the first updated, so with all the AoS links floating around, NZ was the first place to get the rules and Warscrolls.

  • DB

    Miniatures aside, the rest of the price list is silly:

    A dice cup is essential to the game? Who knew?! Fourty bucks for a cup and 8 dice.

    The $33 “Combat Gauge” is also giggleworthy:
    “Combat Gauge has been designed for all those who love to play their games with as little fuss and clutter as possible”…

    I mean, it’s not like you’ll have any other rulers around or anything. At least it’ll probably fit in your pointless dice cup.

  • Sisyphus

    LFGS had the set in plus some of the new metal paints for the set. The new gold spray is US$28 and the paint pot is $5.25.

    Ummmm… why don’t they charge $128…? Everyone was circled around the display… Warmahordes players were just laughing at the WHFB/WH40K players.

    • DB

      Not that the Warmahordes folks have it much better.

  • Joseph A. Gois

    Why not play Wargods from Croc Games if you like rank and file fantasy. Its better than spending one’s fortune on GW. We have a leaugue at the local game store and let all the Fantasy players use their old GW armies.