New ADB PDF releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have released two new PDF products.

Federation & Empire Compendium
Every issue of Captain’s Log magazine includes a section of new material (tactics, scenarios, ship, errata, Q&A, rulings) for Federation & Empire, and this 260-page compendium has them all! Every F&E article (indeed, the entire F&E sections) from Captain’s Log #20 through Captain’s Log #40. These have not been updated or edited from the original publication, and are provided for reference and player convenience. That’s a lot of F&E material, much of it available nowhere else, in one helping.

Federation Commander Reference Rulebook
The most requested Federation Commander product, the Reference Rulebook is the complete rulebook players have demanded.

This is the complete rulebook, with all of the rules from Klingon Border, Klingon Attack, Romulan Border, Romulan Attack, Tholian Attack, Booster Zero, Battleships Attack, Communique, Distant Kingdoms, Orion Attack, and Captain’s Log. This includes all of the rules with all of the updates, revisions, examples, expansions, corrections … all of it!