New 40K vehicle kits released

Games Workshop have released several new plastic vehicle kits for 40K.

Fire Prism
Two great tanks, one versatile kit: assemble and unleash the Fire Prism and its anti-armour weaponry or the all-new, infantry shredding Night Spinner with this new plastic kit that’s now available to buy here.

Eldar Support Weapon
The Eldar use Support Weapons to mount their heaviest weaponry. Order the new plastic Eldar Support Weapon and unleash either the armour busting D-cannon, the dangerously powerful vibro cannon or the infantry shredding shadow weaver, on your enemy.

Leman Russ
The Leman Russ Battle Tank is the mainstay of the Imperial army. It’s well armoured and mounts a powerful array of weaponry that can be tailored to meet any foe. We’d heartily recommend you field as many Leman Russ tanks as possible – your opponent may not be so keen.

The Deathstrike Missile Launcher and Manticore Rocket Launcher are both powerful artillery tanks. Add them to your Imperial Guard collection and deliver their thunderous payloads to anywhere on the battlefield.

Commander Pask
Knight Commander Pask can be added to any Imperial Guard tank. Pask has a Ballistic skill of 4 and gains +1 to armour penetration rolls. Increase the lethality of your battle tanks with this legendary Cadian tank commander.

Squadron Command Frame
The Squadron Command Frame allows you to upgrade your walkers and tanks to command vehicles and will help you identify individual spearheads on the battlefield.