New 40k Miniatures Available To Order From Games Workshop

Well, seems that the “home base” was getting a bit jealous of Forge World getting all the Primarchs to themselves. Games Workshop has started taking orders for several new miniatures, including Roboute Guilliman (or “Bobby” to his friends) who is part of a “Triumvirate of the Primarch” set. Or you can go with a big Deathwatch set. There’s also the new book, The Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch. All of them are available to order now.

From the website:

A strange fate binds Roboute Guilliman, Grand Master Voldus and the Fallen Angel Cypher together. They walk a path of providence; though whether it ends in damnation or deliverance, none can say. On the battlefield, this triumvirate of warriors is an unstoppable, inspiring force, bolstering the morale of those they lead while shattering enemy lines with their staggering strength. Cypher’s pistols roar as Voldus’ psychic powers lash out – all the while, Guilliman strides like a reborn god, bellowing rallying cries and striking down countless foes.


  • odinsgrandson

    I kind of miss the good old days when Primarchs weren’t significantly larger than other space marines.

    Also, back then I don’t remember marines being significantly larger than humans (now there are arguments between 7-12 foot tall for them).

    • Grimbergen

      The last time I read Space Marine codex/fluff was about 15 years ago in 3rd/4th ed and they were already being touted as 7ft super humans (and primarchs even taller than that). Was the background different earlier?

      • odinsgrandson

        Rogue Trader and 2nd ed had pages on all of the physiological changes to a space marine- and height was never mentioned.

        Plus, the first primarch mini they made was Leman Russ- and he wasn’t any larger than the RT space marines at the time.

        Sometime around late 3rd or 4th ed, they made 7 ft tall marines official. Various Black Library authors exaggerated this farther- making 9 and 10 foot tall marines. And fans have exaggerated this farther.

        I personally won’t believe that marines are especially tall unless Cadians, Catachans and Sisters of Battle start getting shorter.