New 28mm Jurassic Reich figures from Eureka

Eureka Miniatures have posted details on their site of their new 28mm Jurassic Reich Weird WWII range of figures.

 Jurassic Reich

From their website:

Dateline – February 1943: the American push into North Africa is met with stiff opposition from Rommel’s combat-hardened Afrika Korps. The official histories will tell of great numbers of inexperienced American troops fleeing Rommel’s panzers at Kasserine Pass, but those who were there know it took more than just a few tanks to strike such terror into the minds of so many young American soldiers. The truth was that they had to face a new horror – from another time. Squadrons of flying creatures – Pterodactyls! – armed with anti-tank weapons and bombs, had swooped down and relentlessly pursued the shocked Americans into the Atlas Mountains.

Designed by Kosta Heristanidis and Mike Broadbent, these figures are part of our Pulpiations “pulp fiction” range and can be used alongside our “Dogface GI’s” or any number of 28mm World War Two ranges that are out there. Colour schemes are optional. We are looking forward to the heated internet forum debates over the correct camouflage colours to use, and telling us that the number of teeth we’ve given the Dinonicus is more appropriate to an Ausf C rather than an Ausf D.