New 28mm Heavy Tank from Pardulon Models

Pardulon Models has released a new 28mm heavy tank.
Harrison Ford and Sean Connery models sold elsewhere and separately.

From the release:

Armed with one cannon in the turret, two in the sponsons and two machine guns, this beast truly dominates its chosen ground of battle. The kit includes four pairs of different cannons, so they can be used either as main armament in the turret, or as sponson guns.

  • 4tonmantis

    While this appears to be a fairly decent model, I have the same gripe I have with most resin models… the price. Maybe it’s naive to think that a low detail model like this should actually be less expensive than it’s highly detailed military model counterpart, but it’s almost as though Pardulon expects customers to pay a premium for an inferior product. This is a bit of a poor interpretation of either a Mk IV or on of it’s near cousins. If you are interested in this, just look it up on ebay in plastic or buy a Leman Russ.

    • It is naive.

      Because a price for a resin model is normally not defined by your expectations but production costs plus labor costs plus infrastructure plus distribution costs.
      In Forgeworld’s case you can also add hubris but that’s the exception to the rule.

      Jens is basically a 1-man shop and he casts most, if not all, of his parts himself “à la main”.
      Whether or not the model will become a sales hit, is a different question.

      It is clear that you are not an expert in the military field either (and no one asks you to be) but this is actually a pretty good rendering of an MK. VIII Liberty (as seen in Indiana Jones 3).

      It is not 100% accurate but then it does not ask to be (otherwise it would be named “MK VIII”, right?).

      A direct comparison model should be Copplestone’s link text, which is a bit closer to the MK.VIII but still not fully accurate. It also costs 7 EUR more (38 GBP).

      Last but not least, I actually did an Ebay search, and only found a shoddy resin copy casting of the out-of-sale Indiana Jones 1/35 version at 190 bucks.
      I could not find any major company for military models that does produce the MK. VIII in 1/48 or close, in plastic or resin. Can you enlighten me?

      For sure, if you are just looking for “some tank that looks remotely WW1 style but I don’t give a shit about details as long as its cheap” this is NOT your tank.

      But somehow that was obvious from the beginning and needed no highlighting, did it now?

        • cama

          Sacre bleu! I am certain you wanted to say “merde” instead of “shit”, non?

          Merci! Au revoir!

      • 4tonmantis

        Wow, hostile ass much?

        • Hmm… No insults, no swear words, no hate, very factual and responding to your main points, no direct assumptions, only very mild irony – I think I was actually rather kind to you!

          If you cannot deal with reasoned criticism, don’t open yourself to it.
          You will miss out on a lot of chances to learn something (and be it only to write better rebuttals) but that’s your choice.

          Back to topic now?

          • 4tonmantis

            lol, k guy.. clearly you know me well enough to judge my opinion. oh wait.. it’s an opinion.. only a self-important blowhard would try to argue that someone else’s opinion is wrong. gfys

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    Think of a crusading Indiana Jones (hence the actor namedrops) rather than Cambrai.

    Price is roughly the same as Great War Miniatures’ Mark IV tank.