New 28mm Bits and Sprues released at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies has released some new random bits and sprues available in their webshop.



From the post:

This week Alternative Armies has added four new codes to its ‘Bits and Sprues’ range of battlefield accessories. These are a firm favourite with players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo and are used for several aspects of wargaming. They can be used to adorn miniatures to give them a more unique look. They can be used as part of a conversion or scratch build of a miniature to make them truly special. They can also be used as parts of a diorama or scatter terrain giving more emphasis to that piece of terrain. So what are we adding to the Pastry Pies, Exotic Fruit, Tankards, Feathers and Pistols in the range. Read on….

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  • Soulfinger

    MEAT SPRUES! Guess what you are all getting for Christmas! I think I can build an entire Space Marine chapter around those assorted meats affixed to their shoulder pads. Their name: Masticators. Their mission: Sausage party . . . for the Emperor!