New 15mm sci-fi range from Hydra Miniatures

Hydra Miniatures has started up a new line of 15mm Sci-Fi figures. Check out the first releases:

From the update:

For the last few months, the staff at Hydra HQ has been infected with the 15mm sci-fi bug. While there are many exciting 15mm sci-fi manufacturers, we’ve decided to put our own spin on the genre with a comprehensive range of aliens—Xeno 15.

The first releases were sculpted by one of our favorite sculptors: Ben Seins, the “Monster Master.” The Akarr are a race of humanoid aliens who used to be slaves. After overthrowing their masters, they are now raid human settlements to bring human slaves to their homeworld. Their hunting parties are lead by the largest of their kind–the Akarr overlords.

The warriors of the Akarr are arranged into two types: Stalker squads (long range weaponry) and Razor squads (close combat). Heavy firepower is provided by Inferno squads equipped with particle cannons and heavy meson beamers.

These miniatures are now available from Hydra Miniatures for 20% off as part of our Holiday Sale. You can see the whole range here. We hope you enjoy our new Akarr models and we are working on vehicles to support the range. We have two other alien races in pre-production and will be assigning these projects to sculptors soon. Stay tuned for more information about Xeno 15.

  • cama

    They should have done these as 28mm.

    • Soulfinger

      Or life size! The world needs more 15mm.

      • cama

        In your opinion.
        Everything else Hydra does is 28mm, and is funky and neat-o. So why the move to 15mm now? Odd.

        I suppose I could use them as “wee 28mm space men”.

        (except their spaceships. Those are different.).

        • Soulfinger

          That these are our opinions is rather implicit, isn’t it? What a strange thing to point out. I assume that neither of us is typing on behalf of the whole of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick or representing Stephen Hawking on the matter of 28mm vs 15mm scale.

          • cama

            THIS IS MY OPINION.
            SCALE IS AN OPINION.
            YOU ARE AN OPINION.
            I AM AN OPINION.

            That is all.

          • Soulfinger

            I heard on teh Interweb that he was using a Dalek voice synthesizer these days.

          • cama

            LOL. Nice one!

          • grimbergen

            +1 for all of you

  • Lexthilian

    I would second the “opinion” about the need for more 15mm, especially in diverse ranges. It’s a great scale especially for ranged combat, (less space needed).

  • cama

    Huh. I guess I was wrong?

    I used to, in all honesty, have a LOT of 15mm stuff, but now game in either 6mm, or 28mm.

  • Soulfinger

    At present, I mostly play 28mm, but damn if I don’t love the old Space Marine Epic, which I believe was 6mm. I want very much to go all in on 15mm for the very reason Lexthilian cited. They take up so much less space.

  • madlittlemen

    Hi all,
    I have purchased and started to paint the Akarr miniatures and they are brilliant models. They have no flash and a high level of detail that does not become evident until you hit them with the paintbrush. These figures are made to same high standard as the War Rocket miniatures that I have purchased in past. I was so impressed with my first order that I placed another order with Hydra Miniatures on the same night.

    I will be using them with the Alien Squad Leader rules, which has been written with 15 mm in mind.