New 10mm releases from Pendraken

Pendraken Miniatures have added several new 10mm figures to their online store including a new range of Spanish Civil War miniatures.

20th Century | World War I range:

Western Front British:

  • BP33 Thornycroft 4 ton lorry
  • BP35 Thornycroft 4 ton with AA gun
  • BP37 Infantry in helmet, backpack

Western Front German:

  • GP27 Daimler Marienfelde 3t with crates
  • GP28 Daimler Marienfelde 3t with tilt
  • GP29 Daimler Marienfelde 3t with AA gun
  • GP30 Infantry in helmet, boots, backpack
  • GP31 Infantry in helmet, boots, greatcoat


  • F20 De Dion-Bouton lorry with crates
  • F21 De Dion-Bouton lorry with tilt
  • F22 De Dion-Bouton lorry with AA gun

Colonials | Boer War range:

  • BW38 Boer foot type 3
  • BW39 Naval brigade

Ancients | Greeks range:

  • GRE12 Slingers

Fantasy | Dungeon Furniture range:

  • DN52 Double doors
  • DN53 Doorway with portcullis
  • DN54 Fireplace
  • DN55 Sewer entrance
  • DN56 Enchanted door

New range 20th Century | Spanish Civil War:

Regular Army:– Republican/Nationalist/Falonque Militia/Legion:

  • SCW1 Foot at trail
  • SCW2 Foot walking, rifle at 45°
  • SCW3 Gastador/bomber, throwing grenade
  • SCW4 NCO firing Star RU 1935 smg from hip
  • SCW5 Officer, waving forward pistol
  • SCW6 Standard bearer, walking
  • SCW7 Hotchkiss M1914 MMG team (2) x3

Militia:– Isabelino/Early Falagist:

  • SCW8 Miliciano, standing firing, mono
  • SCW9 Miliciano, kneeling, dungarees, tercio webbing
  • SCW10 Miliciano, running, civilian suit
  • SCW11 Miliciano, woman, walking, mono
  • SCW12 Leader, holding pistol, turning back
  • SCW13 Flag bearer, mono
  • SCW14 Hotchkiss M1914, mono MMG team

Militia:– Columna Durruti:

  • SCW15 Miliciano, advance, mono, blanket roll, bandolier
  • SCW16 Miliciano, running, shirt, gathered trousers
  • SCW17 Dinamitero/bomber, shirt, trousers in gaiters

Militia:– Andaluz:

  • SCW18 Miliciano, walking, shirt, dungarees
  • SCW19 Milciano, running, shirt, suit trousers, bandolier
  • SCW20 Mounted miliciano, bandolier

Regular Army:

  • SCW21 Foot at trail
  • SCW22 Foot walking rifle at 45°
  • SCW23 Bomber, throwing grenade
  • SCW24 NCO firing Star RU 1935 smg from hip
  • SCW25 Officer, waving forward pistol
  • SCW26 Standard bearer, walking
  • SCW27 Hotchkiss M1914 MMG team

Guardia Civil:

  • SCW28 Foot, walking, rifle level
  • SCW29 Foot, running
  • SCW30 NCO with MP28
  • SCW31 Officer in cape, Astra 902 pistol

Guardia De Asalto:

  • SCW32 Foot, drawing on target
  • SCW33 Foot, kneeling, firing, jacket
  • SCW34 NCO, waving forward, MP28
  • SCW35 Officer, firing pistol

Regulares:– Moroccans:

  • SCW36 Foot, charging, shirt/rexa
  • SCW37 Foot, high porte, shirt/rexa
  • SCW38 Foot, throwing grenade, shirt/rexa
  • SCW39 Foot, running, rifle 60°, candora/tarbuch
  • SCW40 Foot, walking rifle 30°, candora/tarbuch
  • SCW41 NCO, waving forward, candora/tarbuch
  • SCW42 Standard bearer, running, candora/tarbuch
  • SCW43 Officer, firing pistol, candora
  • SCW44 Hotchkiss M1914 team

Regulares:– Moroccans:

  • SCW45 Foot, cautious advance, rexa
  • SCW46 Foot, standing, firing, hood up
  • SCW47 Foot, arming grenade, tarbuch
  • SCW48 NCO, waving forward, chilaba
  • SCW49 Standard bearer, running, chilaba
  • SCW50 Officer, firing pistol, chilaba
  • SCW51 Hotchkiss M1914 team

Regulares:– Moroccan Cavalry:

  • SCW52 At gallop, rifle slung, rexa
  • SCW53 At canter, holding rifle, rexa
  • SCW54 Officer / Infantry officer, peaked cap