Nemisphere 32mm sci-fi miniatures Preview

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 13th, 2014

Nemisphere is a new sci-fi line of minis. They’re going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon, and are getting the word out beforehand.


From the preview:

Hey guys, what’s up. I am Red Rogers of RKE, the creator/designer/sculptor for Nemisphere. Nemisphere is a 32mm range of sci-fi miniatures that is going to Kickstart in a little over a week.

What is Nemisphere? If you had to put it into pop culture terms I suppose you could say it is something akin to HALO VS Terminator. Nemisphere is basically a detailed line of sci-fi troops versus a robotic AI known as the Decrypte that is bent on destroying the biggest calculated risk they have encountered, humanity. Go humanity! We don’t need your stinkin’ cold, calculated logic! Ahem, anyway…

What is the Kickstart for? The Kickstart is simply for a good handful of units for both the humans and the robots cast in fantastic PLASTIC. Pure miniatures. No rulebook, terrain, tokens, t-shirts, art prints, doilies or baby bibs. Just pure unadulterated sci-fi goodness. Also the planned Kickstart and its stretch goals have been limited so myself and those I am using in 3d printing and casting are not overextended in any way, shape, or form.

The Nemisphere Kickstart has been created to make quality sci-fi miniatures, get them produced with your support and manufacture and ship them to you in the time stated in the Kickstart. To help expedite the process, all miniatures in the Kickstart including all stretch goals have been 100% sculpted and are ready for 3d print right now.

The initial Nemisphere Kickstart offerings will include 4 different units for the human forces known as the Force Confederacy or Forcecon for short. They will include some base troops for the Forcecon Defense Forces (chants; FDF! FDF!) known as Forcecon Assault Soldiers and some of their hard hitting backup brothers in the form of Forcecon Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW).

To round out the initial Nemisphere Kickstart offerings we have some heavy hitting cousins of the FDF hailing from one of many planetary assault commands, Typhon Command. (Bad boys, bad boys!) Assault Commands are forward operations command structures stationed from planet to planet that house hard hitting assault cadre’s that bring the war to the Decrypte AI Collective.

These are the four initial offerings for the Nemisphere Kickstart.
Later this week I will bring you fine folks more news and previews such as exact miniature scale and a scale chart for all the Nemisphere Minis, preview pictures of the Decrypte robots and a little after that some 1080p HD 3d turnaround goodness.

Here are some links to help you find your way around all the Nemisphere resources both now and in the future son:
Nemisphere Blog – Will have all news, previews, releases, reports, black holes etc for Nemisphere

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  • BjorkBjork

    My God, it’s full of Grimdark!

    • 4tonmantis

      I didn’t read the fluff because … I don’t actually care about it.. but I didn’t see any Grimdark.. if anything it’s a bit Sedition Wars.. maybe a bit of Deadspace

  • BjorkBjork

    How many Corpses would a Forcecon Hammer if a Forcecon could Hammer Corpses?

  • What happened to Corpsehammer? I kind of hoped Corpsehammer would always be lingering… like defying the market and surviving when others fall by developing a cult following.

    • Soulfinger

      I almost didn’t click on this post, and then . . .

      Holy crap, I was just thinking about Corpsehammer today! And GUESS WHAT!!! THIS IS CORPSEHAMMER!!! The designer is Red Rogers, RKE Games, the very same guy! Why didn’t it say that in the header! I’m so excited, I nearly crapped myself! It’s like THIS just happened.

      A deadly AI has invaded Earth and mankind’s only hope is to team up with the California Raisins to develop the F-Force Rangers and S-Word Assault Element. I hope that they will be “thoroughly engorging [their] unfortunate enemies” like in CH. Can’t wait to see what is next!!!

      • I miss the sausage suits 🙂 I’m bummed I don’t own one.

      • KelRiever

        Apparently Corpsehammer had a beloved following of those who thought they were exactly ridiculously over the top perfect. Sort of like people love DOOM miniatures, even though DOOM was always a ridiculous concept (yeah I said it. Go defend demons taking over science bases on Mars and try not to do it sounding like a WWF announcer).

        Me…I am a fan of minis withouth rule sets these days. Nobody can tell what a sculpt will be like until it is produced, but hey, why not HALO versus Terminators? We have seen a lot worse in gaming (you know, like ahem aforementioned Corpsehammer*)


        • 4tonmantis

          I’m working on an army that’s got Killzone Helghast (not just Dreamforge or WGF dudes.. but actual conversions) and I have another army coming up that heavily features guys based on action films.. so Killzone vs Expendables is coming soon to a table near you (well.. near me but you can pretend).
          I love doing stuff like that. It’s part of the reason I like Mantics’ community so much.. they’re not preachy about the models and Mantic even encourages you to use whatever you enjoy.

          Hell.. with the AVP stuff coming in plastic and Anvil Industries stuff.. boom Predator vs Terminator. Once gamers get out of the geedub competitive rut a lot of possibilities open up.

          • Soulfinger

            This one, I could actually see funding even if the opposing faction turns out batsh*t crazy — maybe, especially if (and it definitely needs a Chrome Tankcat). He is definitely off to a better start with this one. I think what would have garnered a following for the previous attempt was that over-the-top naiveté. As much as I mocked it, I wish I could recapture that child-like sense of thinking a Facehater badass without contemplating the utter ridiculousness of such a thing. I guess that defines being a cynic.

            And sorry 4ton, but the only real Helghasts are from Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series.

  • 4tonmantis

    Don’t care for the oversized guns and I already have Sedition Wars.. maybe the other factions will be more interesting :/

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    yup,very Corpsehammer like lol not keen on the oversized Guns at all.The Typhons are neat imho

    • 4tonmantis

      Eh, they look kinda neat but unless they’re using an amazing printer and a great caster, a lot of that is going to get lost..

  • Lexthilian

    They look like they would be great for a Cthulhu-tech style infantry. Does that game still exist?

  • Major_Gilbear

    Eh, lots of… Greebling all over every surface again I see. =0/

    Ah well, good luck to him I guess.