Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II released

By tgn_admin
Apr 26th, 2011

Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship IISteel Dreadnought Games have released the Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II supplement.

From their announcement:

Welcome to the pre-dreadnought era of naval war, where the battleship is the uncontested ruler of the waves. No subs, no planes, and even torpedoes are just an afterthought. The big gun decides battles, and the fate of nations.

The latest expansion for the hit naval wargame Naval Thunder is now available.  Ever since the release of Rise of the Battleship our fans have been clamoring for more pre-dreadnought support.  It has just pulled into port!  Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II includes data cards for six navies (American, Austrio-Hungarian, British, German, Italian, Spanish) all the way from mighty battleships, to destroyer and torpedoboat flotillas. In all, well over hundred classes of ship are represented. Also included are special rules to tailor Naval Thunder even more closely to the pre-dreadnought era of naval combat.

If you’ve never tried the pre-dreadnought era of wet-navy combat, now is a great time to jump in!  A lot of WWII and even Colonial Battlefleet players have fallen in love with the era and it’s emphasis on big guns and fleet maneuvers.  I never intended Rise of the Battleship to be a big seller for us, but its been a huge success since once people try it, they are hooked.

Rise of the Battleship II is supplement not a stand alone product.  To play the pre-dreadnought era you also need Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts, and Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship.

Future products to be on the lookout for:

  • Colonial Battlefleet: Empire Space (secret upcoming expansion)
  • Naval Thunder: Battle Orders (WWI fleet & scenario expansion book)
  • Stratofleets (A new flying battleships game in the style of Leviathans, or Aeronef)