Mythos Foundry’s Kickstarter shows off greens for Sonia Greene and H.P. Lovecraft

Mythos Foundry is under a week’s worth of time on Kickstarter. They’ve posted up greens they’ve made of both Sonia Green and the master, himself, H.P. Lovecraft, and hope to get to those stretch goals.

From the update:

Sonia Greene and H.P. Lovecraft sculpts by Tom Meier now up on the Mythos Foundry Cthulhu kickstarter!

  • surprize

    I’m confused about a minor detail on this KS. They describe the models as being in “TRÜ 30” ™ which is described as ~1/61 scale. My issues are thus:
    * how can you trade mark a scale?
    * TRÜ 30 is already a trademark of the TRÜ-30 conical fermenter ™ from KEG brewing enterprises in the states.

    Minor details I know.

    • Soulfinger

      If I understand correctly, you can’t trademark a scale, like say 1/61 or 28mm, but you can introduce something like “TRÜ 30? as a trademark to build brand identity. The term has no inherent meaning on its own, so it doesn’t interfere with other manufacturers producing models in 1/61 scale. It’s rather like GW’s “Finecast.” Anyone can cast in resin, but only GW has the legal right to market and distribute a resin product called “Finecast.”

      I am less sure about their mark versus that of KEG brewing, but I imagine that KEG trademarked “TRÜ-30 conical fermenter,” which is distinct from “TRÜ 30,” particularly since the industries do not overlap and it is unlikely to cause any consumer confusion (nobody is going to mistake little metal men for a conical fermenter, except maybe Cama. 🙂

    • Ghost

      All this TRÜ business is totally off-putting. Lovecraft’s face is very well done but I can’t use him if he’s an oddball scale.

  • Gailbraithe

    Oddball scale or not, I am buying that Lovecraft model. Just so I can have it.