Myth from Mercs Miniatures already 150% funded on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 29th, 2013

Myth, the new fantasy board game from Mercs Miniatures, has already made it to 300% funded in their Kickstarter campaign and added a lot to the initial offerings.

From the update:

Myth has done pretty well thus far. Starting strong and staying pretty consistent. It has already achieved its first Stretch Goal, the Skeleton Minions and is moving at a good pace towards the 80k goal, a rat-orc mini-boss thing.

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  • Major Dufus

    Actually, Myth has made it to 150% (currently just over 60k of 40k goal). I do look forward to 300% funding though 😉

    • Major Dufus

      Ok, now we can update the article that Myth has hit 300% funding 🙂

  • thetang22

    Yeah, I was gonna call out on the bad math too. I don’t want to take anything away from the game though, as it does look like it’s got some interesting stuff going on.

    • Fixed that. It’s been a loooooong week and I’d managed to get my multiplication tables mixed up along the way. O,o

  • cannondaddy

    I’m having a little trouble discerning the complexity of this game. Sometimes the videos get a little confusing. I think it’s just a symptom of the Mercs guy’s familiarity with game rules and lingo results in details not being translated and explained for newcomers. From the deck videos it looks like the game plays really differently for each Hero. I think you have a great deal of replayability and tons of room for expansion.

    • Gallahad

      I was also having a bit of a hard time following the game play videos. It would maybe be helpful for them to find somebody that has never played the game before to walk through it (once they understand the game). I like the aesthetic of the game, and it looks like it could be a fun game to play with kids.

  • Zac

    I think that a video overview of the rules would be a good addition as well but the visuals and the hero deck idea really grabbed me. Seems like a game that requires you to use your team to try to counter the random draw of the cards.

    I am also really thrilled by their desire to include positive female characters in the game.