Myth: Dark Frontier Up On Kickstarter

I… I’m attacking the darkness!!
Sure, that might just be a cute line from that old Dead Alewives skit, but it’s also what you get to do in Myth: Dark Frontier, a new cooperative board game up on Kickstarter. The city of Farrenroc is under siege by the Darkness (umm… not Charlie Murphy… or that one band). You’ll have to gather together, the various legendary heroes in the world of Myth, if you want to make sure the city survives.


From the campaign:

Fight back the oppressive forces of Darkness in Myth: Dark Frontier, a fully cooperative board game for 2-4 players. Take on the role of an iconic Myth hero in a desperate fight to protect the city of Farrenroc from the legions of Darkness that seek to despoil its holy walls.

Players take on the role of iconic heroes from the world of Myth, aiding the besieged city of Farrenroc in its never-ending quest to push back the Darkness. Each hero has a small deck of five actions: Travel, Battle, Encounter, Fortify, and Quest. Three of the five are selected and placed in one of three time slots (morning, day, and night).

These selections are made for all heroes and the enemy at the same time, then shuffled. Each time phase is played out by drawing and executing the action, be it a hero or an enemy. Players will need to discuss their planned actions with each other and play them in the appropriate time slots. All the while, the enemy is moving to destroy Farrenroc by any means necessary.


  • Davos Seaworth

    While I can appreciate the fiscal sense in leveraging previous inventory in new games, all of the plastic we’ve seen so far (and even the character art on the tokens) is from previous MegaCon products. The female heroes are from the Myth Kickstarter, the orc minions/captain/boss are from the Myth base game, the Swordsman is the Daimyo from the Mercs Recon KS, the Hunter they are hinting at is from the Mercs Recon KS, and the first stretch goal is the male archer from the base game.

    • Chad_Caughmann

      I suppose it’s a good thing there’s an actual game (which should be the selling point) that comes with that plastic, then.

      • Davos Seaworth

        You and I both know when it comes to KS minis games, the game is secondary. Might be sad, but doesn’t make it any less true. Not to mention McG’s previous efforts have been patchy even in the “actual game” department.

        • Chad_Caughmann

          “KS Minis games” is NOT what this is. This is a standalone board game that comes with a small handful of miniatures. That does not fit the typical description of what you are talking about. This is as much a “minis game” as something like the Mage Knight board game.

  • hvedhrungr

    I get that Dark Frontier is McG’s attempt at a serious board game (in contrast to the tactical miniatures game Recon and the crawler Myth), but I’m still skeptical. I backed it for now, but I’m still debating whether to cancel the pledge, since I don’t yet see how it’s a worthwhile game. The only “upside” being that I already own Myth and thus would be able to fill the board with plastic instead of cardboard counters…