Mutineer Miniatures to stock Flashpoint 15mm range

Mutineer Miniatures is stocking the Flashpoint Miniatures Vietnam and Modern 15mm ranges.

From their announcement:

We are extremely pleased to annouce that we will be stocking the Flashpoint Vietnam and modern 15mm range of figures at the Residency. We will supply to UK and Europe and of course selling these lovely figures at the shows we attend.

Flashpoint Vietnam
Flashpoint Miniatures is a division of Siege Works Studios Pty Ltd which is an Australian games company based in Brisbane in the state of Queensland.They specialize in fine 15mm scale military figurines with a current focus on modern conflicts (Post World War 2) including but not limited to the Vietnam War and Middle East conflicts. Comprising of a small group of designers and innovative thinkers we have established the foundation of a constantly evolving project that in time will develop to encompass a much wider range of periods, interests and hobby options for the modern war gamer.

The Future of Flashpoint Miniatures…
Their current Flashpoint Vietnam range is currently undergoing a slight consolidation in anticipation of the release of new Flashpoint Vietnam rules in 2010. With the consolidation comes a healthy injection of new poses a new layout in accordance to new TOEs and just an all new height in miniature presentation. Flashpoint miniatures design team is constantly developing new ranges and thinking of new ways to enhance the hobby, They are dedicated to ensuring that the ranges are kept fresh and are constantly bolstered with new additions to enhance our customers’ satisfaction. Similar to mutineer miniatures we see our customers as our biggest source of inspiration.

The Range

The full range includes:

  • NVA
  • Viet Cong
  • US Army
  • US Marines

Special forces

  • SAS
  • Seals
  • LRRP’s
  • Green Beret
  • Recon


  • M113 -ACAV
  • M113-APC

Soon to be released

  • Civilians and animals
  • UH-1B Heuy
  • Patrol River boat
  • M125 Mortar