Mutineer Miniatures now available in the Americas

Mutineer Miniatures figures will now be available in North America from Sgt Major Miniatures.

Mutineer Miniatures Highlanders

From their announcement:

Sgt Major Miniatures and Mutineer Miniatures have reached an agreement that names SGMM as the distributor for Mutineer Miniatures in North and South America. Mutineer’s product line has been added to the SGMM web site. We do not yet have stock, but it has cleared customs in New Jersey, and is promised to be delivered on the morning of 05/20/2010.

Here is a photo of the latest figures from the Mutineer line, some beautiful Scots in 28mm for the Indian Mutiny. Brian has a lot of big plans for this line over the coming year, with about 16 more packs for Indian Mutiny, and more for a second line of figures that I will let him announce when they are ready.

I am looking forward to a long relationship with Brian in bringing these figures to the Americas. If these pictures don’t convince you of the quality of these figures, stop by our booth at Historicon and check them all out in person. We are currently selling from our web site, and also taking orders in advance of Historicon for pick-up at the show.

On a technical note, it has been brought to our attention that our website is currently displaying too large for people with monitors smaller than 19 inches, causing them to have to scroll from side to side to see everything. We will be working on this issue this weekend, and it should hopefully be resolved by early next week. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes anyone, my web skills have been found lacking.