Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection now up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 16th, 2013

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection has launched their Kickstarter campaign. They’re already 2/3 funded with almost 2 months on the clock. I’m thinking they’ll be able to make it there and then some.

From the campaign:

The Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter project is to fund our fourth faction the MegaCorporation ‘Bauhaus’ (and then, hopefully, more starting with our fifth faction, the MegaCorporation ‘Capitol’). Our ultimate goal (stretch goal value: £70k) is to make the four starter sets in plastic (at present they, like all our other miniatures, will be made in high grade resin)

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  • godra


  • blkdymnd

    Was always more a Chronopia guy, never could get into Warzone. Also don’t like D20. Cool, ambitious sculpts, hope this works out well, funding obviously won’t be a problem.

  • cybogoblin

    So awesome, but where’s Imperial?

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    Gooody, gooody, gooody!!
    Going to raid the budget for this one!

  • cama

    Didn’t this game die in 98?

  • Haibane

    Hence “Resurrection”

    I’m a little sceptical myself although will be keeping an eye on how this develops – especially upon seeing how the creators have responded to suggestions on the Bauhaus designs (check out how much better the Vulcan battlesuit looks in update#2 compared to the main page original).

    Looks like Imperial (and Mishima) factions are anticipated stretch goals.