Mutant Chronicles 4x funded

Modiphius continues to rise in funding levels as their Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. RPG Kickstarter cruises along. They’ve got new art and mini previews up as well.


From the update:

Here’s a teaser for the Heretics set being designed by Prodos Games, which will consist of five figures with Stat cards for Warzone. These are available now as an Add On (just pick the ‘Miniatures Add On’ at £15). We’ll show off the final set soon. Each week we’ll be unveiling figure sets that are available now and those which are being unlocked.

To give you an idea we currently have planned 3 figure RPG character sets for Imperial, Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima, Cybertronic, the Brotherhood, Heretics, Civilian Characters and much more. Each set will be £15 as an Add On if you want to include them now.

We’re planning some awesome floor tiles and poster sized maps by a well known name in the industry for those of you who just love some minis action on the tabletop. Better clean up your Punisher there’s some pain coming to Luna!

  • 4tonmantis

    $8 pre-release price on models (averaging out). While I’ve seen primarily good reviews on Prodos minis they are painfully priced. I was hoping this would be different.

    • Geek Of Spades

      A regular squad of 5 models is roughly $21, which comes to about $4.30 a guy. yeah a little steep, but part of that is conversion rates from GBP to USD not helping at all.

      At least it’s not $50 for 10 models that aren’t even man-sized.

  • KelRiever

    What is sad to me is this game seems to have unlimited attempts at resurrection, meanwhile someone can’t dip their hands in Confrontation without trying to make it into a new CAoR…(can people not get the hint that people do not want Confrontation as pre-painted plastic?)…or a board game failure.

    • Geek Of Spades

      Mutant Chronicles has a huge following. I’d love to see Confrontation come back in earnest, but the people who own the IP apparently aren’t keen on that happening.

      Rumor was circulating at one point that AT-43 would be getting re-made, and it wouldn’t be PPP. So there might yet be hope. If enough of these older games do well on Kickstarter then maybe it will give whoever owns the rights to Confrontation and AT-43 the idea to follow suit.

      • KelRiever

        Lol! Well, I think it is just the jealousy speaking. Honestly, everybody who has carried the Confrontation ball seems to have blown it worse than the Denver Broncos in the superbowl…

        • cybogoblin

          It might also be a case of the skirmish and small army game market having a lot more games available now when compared to the early 2000’s. They might not want to risk going up against some well-established competition.

          Sure, it would probably succeed as the old fans flock to support it (as they did with Warzone), but there is still a risk.

          • Geek Of Spades

            They could always bring it back at Ragnarok scale, small army battles rather than a skirmish. Sort of the same scale as the Wargods games, or what WHFB used to be before GW decided it should just be Warmaster at the wrong scale.

    • Smokestack

      I actually love the prepainted Confrontation plastics… but I use them for D&D/pathfinder, I would love more of the same but at the current failure level prices…

  • 4tonmantis

    Wasn’t there a Confrontation clone on KS recently? I think it might have been canceled but I remember thinking how similar it looked when it launched..

    • Geek Of Spades

      One of the factions in Wrath of Kings have totally not Wolfen.

  • CMoN has the IP to Confrontation…Even a playtest has gone out. I think it’s Confrontation: Pheonix

    • Geek Of Spades

      Do they? I know they sell the minis, but I didn’t think they owned the IP. I know Cyanide put out that video games two years ago.

      • Riquende

        Cyanide own the IP, and have licenced CMON to make a tabletop game for them. CMON have further subcontracted various design studios (I think they’re looking for their third now) to design the actual ruleset, but this process keeps failing for unknown reasons.

        • Geek Of Spades

          I’ll do it, just give me some time to rummage through the old books and find what works haha.