Munchkin Zombies cover art auction

John Kovalic is auctioning the art for the Munchkin Zombies box to help raise funds for the medical bills for a friend.

From his website:

In case you don’t know, my friend Scott Olman is the inspiration for Dork Tower’s Igor. In a sense, he IS Dork Tower. Had I never know Scott, there’s a good chance Dork Tower would be enormously different from what it is today. Scott’s – and by extension, Igor’s – love of life, and ability to laugh in the face of hard times, has been an inspiration both to my work and (more importantly) to me.

Scott is a cancer survivor, and has had struggles with health issues over the last decade. A few years ago, he almost lost his leg. For a while, he was driving to Milwaukee almost on a daily basis for treatments that – though painful and costly – eventually saved his leg.

Fortunately, Scott and his wife, Dawn, have health insurance. But here’s the catch – with a 20% deductible, they still ended up having to pay more than $50,000 for the treatments. And that wiped out all of their savings. And then some.

Now, there’s been a relapse, and Scott has to return to Milwaukee, for continued treatments. As a result of this, Scott and Dawn’s financial situation has turned from on-the-edge to fully, terrifyingly over the precipice.