Moving soon

At the end of the month TGN’s northern offices will be moving east to sunny Calgary Alberta. It goes without saying that the shipping address here will also be changing.

If you have been in contact with Grant regarding reviews of products then the shipping address for those will not have changed but please do contact Grant to double check.

  • The March Rider

    Calgary = Sunny. Now that is funny.

    • Zac

      Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada.

      And even if it wasn’t, anything is a step up from Vancouver

      • Jeff Cope

        Plus now you can game at the Sentry Box. I visited there about 7 yrs ago and no game shop has measured up since! Including my own (RIP)

      • The March Rider

        Wow, your right and I am stunned. I wound’t have bet on that one. joke retracted. T_T

  • Hey, maybe we’ll be neighbours, we live in the S.W. Glendale area.

    • Zac

      I was trying to email you about 40K events at Sentry Box but I kept getting mail errors.

      • Wonder why? Try, should work.

        • Zac

          Resent it. Your Sentry Box events webpage has your address on it and not the shaw one.

  • grimbergen

    Is TGN your full time job? I previously thought it was still your hobby site.

    • Zac

      Taking care of the twins is my full-time job