Mousemuffins Designs Launches Wraithbikes

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Dec 16th, 2011

Mousemuffins Designs announces the availability of Type II Wraithbike, a fresh new take on space elves:

From their post:

Also new are Chequered Pauldrons, with stock arriving early next week.

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  • blackfly

    Not much fresh or new about that, really Clearly derivative of the GW eldar styles. The little wing shape with jewel, the guns. All tropes clearly aped from Epic Eldar titans, old 40k grav weapon platforms, etc.

  • youlooklikeanail

    Yeah, they must have a different definition of ‘fresh, new’. Something involving ‘tired and derivative’.

  • Tor Gaming

    Would work quiet well as an Alien hover tank for 15mm.

    I like their drones too.

  • I suppose one could say its a fresh take on Eldar unmanned drones. I think the paint scheme with the opal effects on the gems is pretty interesting.

  • Would be neat for Iyaden.. the Starcannon or whatever the chin gun is needs crisper details though… unless people are expected to loot their Eldar models.
    The others on the site are what Warpspiders and Vypers?

  • Trent

    I love these. I’ve been an Eldar fan since 91-ish. Are they derivative? Ya, sure. But they’re not a copy of an existing unit in 40k. Rather, they open up a whole new range of options to make an all Iyanden army. If I was still playing 40k regularly I would pick some up for sure.

    I may just pick up the bike and use it as a carrier in my Starmada fleet. But I will probably get them all in the long run to use in homebrew skirmish games.

  • surprize

    The horizontal fins look like a cease & desist notice from GW legal waiting to happen. Surely that is the same part from the GW jetbikes?

  • Wombats

    I have one and am painting it now, they are beautiful.

    There are also a selection to match Jetbikes, Vypers and something in between which could be a Jetbike Warlock…the gravtank sized one is gorgeous although not in production yet.

    These are completely scratch built, its just a really good job.
    Copyright infringement is not an issue as long as they are called Space Elves.
    Chapter House only had problems when they started using trademarked names.

    Mousemuffins is an awesome dude working out of his basement.
    We’re really lucky to have such a talent making stuff for us, support the guy and get some great proxies for your Eldar.
    Here is an example of some of the awesome stuff he does

    • Wombats

      Also worth mentioning the quality is better than Forgeworld’s cheese textured resin.
      What very few mold lines existed took less than a minute to scrape away.
      Its also solid and durable, I wouldn’t stress about dropping one on the floor but for the paint job.
      I’m gluing a magnetised flight stand on to it so I don’t have to drill it.
      Pardon the double post, thought is was a good contribution.

  • blind pig

    I’ve seen these in the flesh and they are beautiful models. Entirely scratch built by Mr Mousemuffins. The finish on the resin models is crisp and obviously cast by someone who knows what they are doing. I look forward to what else Mousemuffins Designs comes up with.

  • Any indication of scale for this vehicle ?

  • Heble

    From his website:
    Model Dimensions: 60mm long, 55mm wide (33mm across body) and 45mm tall.