More work on moving

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 8th, 2013

Hey everyone,

I’m still in the process of moving, hence the lack of full day’s worth of updates. This whole thing is taking more time and being much more frustrating than I wanted, for sure. I’ve just been on my tiny netbook, rather than my regular computer rig.

But yeah, thanks for your patience with me with this. I can’t wait to just get settled in and up and running as usual.


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  • No worries. Moving is always a huge chore. I always end up thinking, “How’d I get so much stuff?”

    Enjoy your new home. Thanks for running TGN.


  • All good brother! We have your back!

  • mweaver

    Moving is inherently a major pain. Good luck!

  • The bigger problem will be six months of “Where is X” coupled with a two year later “I wonder what’s in that box?” Take your time and good luck.