More Wood Elf pre-orders available

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
May 3rd, 2014

Games Workshop has more Wood Elf models available to pre-order over in their webshop.

Wood Elf Army


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  • Smokestack

    So, the Basic units are $39. Is this only the preorder price, and then they go to $50 or $60 like the dark elf executioners and witch elves or is $39 the real price? I like the rangers.

  • airhead

    I think it is the “real” price, so much cheaper than the Witch Elves 🙂

  • odinsgrandson

    GW doesn’t do pre-order deals. They sometimes do bulk deals, but even some of their bulk deals cost the same as buying each one at full retail.

    GW’s ‘core’ units tend to be priced lower than the ‘elite’ units. I think $39 is their current ‘core’ price (Space Marine Tactical squads are the best measure for this).

    However, I was honestly surprised to see that the giant Treeman came in at less than $80. For as large a minis as it looks to be, $61 just seems low for GW pricing.

    Maybe they are listening to the constant moaning about their prices? It would be a nice change of pace.

  • airhead

    We built the freeman this saturday and it was smaller than the bigger ones for other armies. Slender and not that tall, but really great details. So i think the price is according to content.

    • airhead

      Mmm, freeman, should read Treeman 😉

      • While building the Treeman, it was being narrated by Morgan Freeman.