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More Photos From Adepticon

Man! Today sure has been busy! I've gotten a bunch of photos taken. I've talked to a lot of really cool people. I've gotten a demo of a brand new game (demo report forthcoming). And I've had Portillo's. Can't get any better than that, really. So if you've not been following the coverage over on the TGN Facebook Page, here's what you've been missing:

A look at the Infinity tournament tables


A look at the new House Ikaru minis from Anvil 8 Games

Anvil 8

A look inside the Privateer Press display case

Privateer Press

Arena Rex Miniatures on display in the vendor hall

Arena Rex

On the Lamb Games previewing upcoming Endless Fantasy Tactics/Brushfire releases

Red Panda Minis

Wreck Age Latest Releases On Display

Wreck Age