More Kromlech Armored Orcs

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 28th, 2014

Kromlech brings even more armored orcs to your tabletop with this set of releases.


From them to you:

No time to waste. We’re adding two more deals with the new armoured orcs.
The first one is an Armoured Orc Assault Squad, consisting of Commander Kromm and his 9 tough lads.
They are all armed with pistols and melee weapons and feel all tough and mighty with their extra armour plates.

The second deal is a full Armoured Orc Assault Company!
This set consists of Commander Kromm and 29 of his chosen and best of the best lads. Or so they think of them selves. Either way, morale is high, at least until bullets start flying.

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  • 4tonmantis

    I have said it elsewhere.. these look a lot like designs I was commissioned to create for Chapterhouse a few years back. I’m waiting to hear back from Nick as he has the original art and they were for him, but if Kromlech used these designs it’d be nice to at least be credited. Chapterhouse might feel a little more strongly though as they did actually pay for the art.

  • malwych

    They are brazenly identical to the GW designs though. I mean, not just aesthetically, but the way the bitz fit together, the design and scale of the weapons and helmets… I’m passing no judgement on the rights or wrongs of it – that’s been debated ad nauseum in the courts. But I’m not sure you can really take the moral high ground here, or claim ownership for that matter.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from.. and first hand about the ad naseum you mentioned.. GW don’t make an ‘ard boy kit though.. and the “armor” designs there are themed off of several influences.. but the actual design elements themselves .. like the bandages up the arms and straps riveted to straps riveted to plates, etc..
      I don’t do design work of this nature (really close to other IPs) anymore.. because it sucks getting dragged through the legal system, but there are pieces of this that are very personal artistically. I’m really close to this personally though and I definitely understand where you’re coming from… if I didn’t feel like this was directly from something of mine, I would probably be in exactly the same stance as you on this.