More Kaiju are made known

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Feb 2nd, 2014
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Acheson Creations continues to get closer and closer to their funding goal for their Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got another pair of Kaiju Bios they’re showing off.


From the update:

As mentioned in Update #5, the first “designer toys” I ever bought was a set of Nuked! minifigures by Steven Patt of Papagrim Toys. That set included both Clawgrugg and Skekiltor. I’m excited to announce that both of those characters are now officially part of Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown.

In addition to Clawgrugg, today’s Order of Battle spotlight’s Ro-Mon XJ-2 sculpted by Danny Samuels. Ro-Mon XJ-2 is inspired by the horribly classic movie, “Robot Monster” from 1953 which is now in the public domain. Ro-Mon XJ-2 is a Mercenary avatar of the Planet Devourer.

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  • Hello and thanks for the news coverage. A quick update: We’re currently at 35 backers with over 9 days to go. If we can reach 50+ backers, we will give away a Kickstarter-exclusive transparent green Cryos the Ice Monster figure to everyone who pledges $10 or more toward our $1800.00 goal. We gave away the same figure, in transparent blue, in our Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter this past autumn. If each of the 18 new backers (to reach 50) pledged at least $18, they would receive 3 figures (2 of their choice and the bonus ice monster) and we would meet out project goal. Please consider supporting our Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter. Thanks, Bryan (aka Stratos)