More Copies of Space Hulk Coming

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Nov 18th, 2014

Games Workshop apparently scrounged up some more copies of Space Hulk and are shipping them to the US. They could show up just about any time.


From the announcement:

Many of you have contacted us to say how frustrated you were that our US and Canadian webstores sold out so quickly. We listened, and we have good news!

We’ve managed to get our hands on a small number of copies, and we’ve decided to ship them to our warehouse in Memphis and make them available again for those of you who missed out.

These copies are currently on their way, and we expect them back in stock in early December. We don’t know for certain when they’ll get there, so keep watching, but you’ll need to act fast. Once these ones are gone, that’s it. The warehouse really will be bare!

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  • darkendlight

    You mean that they realized more money could be made and found more product to sell. Wow how amaxingr.

  • So who didn’t see this coming?

  • Dewbakuk

    Seriously, they can’t win with you guys!

    They ship a block of stock back to the UK from Australia as it didn’t sell out down there. People whinge about Europe getting more stock and accuse them of printing more copies (seriously not cost effective). So now they’ve taken a section of that stock and are shipping it over to North America… And the whinging starts again.

    I’m as critical of GW as the next guy but they’re actually trying here and with all the shipping involved the profits on this must be tiny now. If they just wanted cash from reprints then they’d do the End Times books that have been selling out insanely quickly (I’d applaud that as it’s insane for the stock to be that far out).

    • Wait- you mean that people can’t just buy the end times books? Really? Wow- that’s some poor business practices. How can they get people to buy their new large model kits if they refuse to sell people the rules? That’s got to be a business mistake of Atari Pac-Man levels.

      The issue that I have with Space Hulk is that there’s simply no reason for it to be limited edition. If they can print up a bunch of them and sell those out in a matter of hours for a profit, then they can print more and at least take a few days. Do you think the profits would have been so low if they’d sold out in months?

      Now, what if it were just part of their line, like it was back in the 1st edition days? Like, one could go into a store, and buy a box of Space Hulk? And then, after that, they could release expansions for it from time to time? Maybe even new missions in White Dwarf.

      GW seems very dedicated to not doing that, but I honestly think they’re just leaving money on the table to keep people from enjoying their games.

      Fantasy Flight seems to be doing rather well publishing their old board games that people still want to play, and Space Hulk was always more popular than Talisman and Horus Heresy.

  • Dewbakuk

    I understand why they did a limited edition, shelf space in a store and warehouse storage space costs money (slightly abstractly when you own them but you know what I mean) and a product which doesn’t drive further sales due to it being ‘stand alone’ won’t give the same returns as other products. Also it’s a niche within a niche, yes it’s popular but you have a limited customer base to sell it to. That being said, they should have printed say 6 months worth of stock and said it was only available for that time. Returns surely would have been vastly higher and you can respond to stock movements.

    As an example, a company I used to work for had a product that was quite big and only sold 200 units a year on average. They removed it from sale but brought it back for Nov-Dec the following year. They sold 200. When I left they’d been doing that every year and were still selling around 200 of them but only had to keep stock for a very short period. That’s good stock control in my opinion.

    The End Times books is just stupid unless they are bringing out small versions or something but the pretty books are gone from what I’ve been told. The Nurgle one apparently sold out via pre-order in under 2hrs and the shops will get 2-3 copies per shop… That’s the worst stock control ever! That’s not a successful release, that’s lost sales that will never return, it’s not like they’ll buy another book as that one isn’t there.

  • surprize

    I don’t really know anything about business at all. I also don’t know a whole lot about gaining or keeping interest in a wargames product line. It’s possible that Games Workshop are doing a great job in a challenging environment. It’s possible.