Monsterpocalypse scenario ideas

The MonsterInsider blog has a new post with scenario ideas for MonsterPocalypse that involve only small changes to the core rules.

From their website:

Some of the Monsterpocalypse scenarios and alternate formats out there have a number of alternate rules or added complexities that shake up game play. In other cases, it’s just a minor tweak that really makes a difference.

One of the most commonly played mini-change scenarios (especially early in the release of Monsterpocalypse) is “Units do not cost one additional action die if their agenda does not match the monster.” In one feel swoop, this little change makes the game more accessible to players with limited collections and also opens up whole new worlds of unit “splashing” tactics for veterans. Today’s blog is going to look at a few other scenarios with a minimal amount of change but with whole new possibilities.