Monsterpocalypse Monsterball rules

The MonsterInsider blog has a new post with Monsterpocalypse Monsterball rules.

From their website:

I always enjoy seeing new Monsterpocalypse formats and scenarios that players devise. This year’s MonCon in Tulsa, Oklahoma featured both the Tennessee format as well as the unpredictable Fresh Ground Monster format. At PAX a few weeks ago, a group of us threw down with a fast-paced scenario that squishes eight monsters onto a standard map at once.

The following format, Monsterball, was created by Terrence Miltner (ChiVenger), a Press Ganger in the Chicago area, and the Chicago Monsterpocalypse crew tested and tweaked the scenario over the following few months. This format was inspired by the Grind board game by Privateer Press.