Mongoose Publishing Releases New Edition of Traveller RPG

For those that have been around the gaming block a time or two, Traveller needs no introduction.

Ok, for those of you who haven’t been around the gaming block a time or two, Traveller is a sci-fi RPG system, a new version of which was just released in digital form by Mongoose Publishing.


This new version is based on the original. However, the rules were put through the wringer by those that would be using it the most: You, the gamers. As such, they retain all the flavor and flair of the original, but any issues or ambiguities have hopefully been ironed out.

This is, of course, just the start of the planned releases for the game. As you can see here, there’s a whole host of adventures in the works, which will be available in both print and .pdf. These adventures have also been thoroughly playtest to ensure that they’re just as tight and clean as they can be.

So if you want to travel the stars, going on all sorts of futuristic adventures, Beowulf, now’s your chance.


  • GenghisZahn

    It’s not really Traveller unless you can die during character creation.

  • Jason Rocheleau

    I’ve got about 15 books from the earlier Mongoose edition, and from a quick gander at the sample PDF of the core rules, they’ve once again farmed out the artwork to some of the least talented artists I’ve ever seen in a major RPG book. In fact, it’s even a step down from the previous black and white version.

    It’s *really* hard to get excited about an update that has such low production values.

    And I’m certainly not going to pay $30 for a damn PDF. Even Paizo knows that their flagship Pathfinder books aren’t worth $30 for the PDF!

  • Alexander Brown

    Do we still need a degree in astrophysics? Are character stats still done in Hexadecimal? And do integrals and cube roots still show up in ship design? If so….not interested.