Mongoose Publishing announces Judge Dredd on Kickstarter – Sept 13th

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 7th, 2012

Mongoose Publishing will be having a Kickstarter campaign for their Judge Dredd minis game starting next week. So prepare yourself.

From the announcement:

The morning of Thursday 13th September sees the launch of an exciting new Kickstarter project, bringing you Block War, the first supplement for the Judge Dredd miniatures game!

Well, we have a huge list of models requested by fans of the game, including everything from a Sov Invasion Force to the Dark Judges! They will all be playable in the game with rules provided in Block War but Mongoose Publishing is a small company and we can only bring out a few models at a time. However, with your kind help, we will be able to bring out models on a more regular basis and be more ambitious with them, keeping the Judge Dredd miniatures game fresh and interesting, as you will always have new enemies to fight on the tabletop!

We have a preview running of some of the initial highlights on Planet Mongoose at the moment – you are welcome to swing by, pick up a copy of the free rulebook and learn what will be on offer.

Remember, this all starts on the morning of Thursday 13th September, so get ready and may your Lawgiver always fire true!

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  • I painted up the Justice Department from Mongoose Publishing. Very nice models.

  • Roebeast45

    Yay! Looking forward to getting some Lawmasters.

  • blackfang

    There are people still giving money to Mongoose? lol

    • lordofexcess

      That was my thought too Blackfang 🙂

    • Myrthe

      Same here !! I don’t trust them as a company let alone giving them money thru Kickstarter that has no guarantees that pledgers will ever see anything for their “investment”.

    • Veritas

      I echo this. Mongoose has burned far too many people.

  • Sounds like some juicy gossip. What have Mongoose done to upset people??? Do tell…

  • keltheos

    Mongoose is the poster child for “ooh shiny” when it comes to product development. Constantly starting then dropping lines. How’s that Star Fleet game doing for them? Dunno, they’ve already moved on to some in-house game with customizable space ships or whatever (or that they dropped Noble Armada when they started working on Star Fleet). How’s this Judge Dredd going to do? Not sure, they’ve started and dropped it at least twice before already…I’m sure there’s other folks who can speak to this as well. Remember Starship Troopers or their prepainted modern warfare game?

    I WANT to support Mongoose, but until they can demonstrate some longevity to their lines I simply can’t.