Mongoose post Project D teaser

Mongoose Publishing have posted a new teaser of their forthcoming Project D sci-fi tabletop miniature rules.

From their website:

The change has been in how the game is approached. We started off with a skirmish level campaign game, whereby you start off with relatively weedy forces and, over the course of several games (we made sure this was a quick process – you could easily play 4 or 5 games in one evening at low levels, and see your forces expand quite quickly) watch your Heroes become powerful figures of legend. We even included a ‘Mercenary’ mechanic (which you can see in the Judge Dredd miniatures game, free to download from our web site) that allowed you to face widely disparate forces – the equivalent of a 500 point 40k force meeting a 3,000 point one. This meant you could take your force to campaigns other than your own homegrown one, and it would fit right in.

That was all great. The problem was dual-fold. First, these ‘campaign’ games are a great draw for some, a negative for others. We ameliorated this to a degree with the Mercenary mechanic, but we know miniatures gamers all too well 🙂 A group that allowed one force in from another campaign, whatever system was behind it, would be rare.

Check out their website for full details.