MonCon 2010

Team Covenant are going to be holding a Monsterpocalypse gaming event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

From their website:?

On May 21st, 2010, Monsterpocalypse players from across the world will gather to test their body-slamming, monster-smashing skills against one another. At the end of this event there will be one player standing who will be crowned the world’s next Monsterpocalypse Master. The event will be so Monstrous that we could only give it one name: MonCon (guess what it stands for)

“Did he say master’s? Is Team Covenant hosting a master’s event?”

Why yes, yes I did. We are going to be hosting the world’s first master’s level event after the release of Monsterpocalypse Series 5: Big in Japan.

Alright, slow down. Let’s take some deep breaths. By now I’m sure that there are countless questions swarming around in that large, monster-sized brain you’ve developed over the course of playing Monsterpocalypse. Let’s start with some basics.