Modiphius To Create Games Based on John Carter series of books

If John Conner can get some new games with him in it, then other literary Johns can, too. As such, Modiphius is going to be making a couple new games based on the John Carter series of books (written by Tarzan writer Edgar Rice Burroughs). You might have seen the movie also based on the series of books (though considering the box-office returns on it, you probably didn’t. I didn’t, either). Modiphius has announced two games based on the material: an RPG and a board game (plus some collectible miniatures thrown in as well).

John Carter – The Roleplaying Game is set for a Christmas 2015 release. It will use the 2d20 LITE system (also used in Mutant Chronicles, Infinity and Conan RPGs). Characters will be able to explore Barsoom (aka – Mars), from its deserts to its ancient cities. You can even play as a Thark. Of course, there will be stats for all the major characters from the book series. To help augment the RPG, there will be a set of miniatures released in the Spring of 2016.

Also coming out in the Spring will be John Carter: Warlord of Mars. This new board game will let players save Barsoom from all manner of evils, from scientists to ancient forces to… other things. There’s not a lot of information about the game up yet, but hopefully there will be soon.


  • Ghool

    Read the books.
    Don’t see the movie.

    • Odinsgrandson

      I’m surprised that neither the words “Mars” or “Barsoom” are in the title to this game.

      • andrew

        If you know ERB, “John Carter” says everything you need to know.
        But yeah, that movie sucked. It was based on JCM like “First Knight” was based on Arthurian legend…

        • Odinsgrandson

          Beyond that, when my wife (who is not familiar with ERB) first saw the film title, she figured it was probably a courtroom drama.

          • Ghool

            Truth: the marketing dept. for the ‘Barsoom’ movie didn’t think they should put the word ‘Mars’ in the title because so many movies with the word Mars in the title flopped.

            So, on that basis alone, they changed the title of the movie so as not to include the word mars.

            What’s even more absurd, is that this same marketing dept. was given a budget of $100 million for John Carter.

            Just a little insight as to why they chose such an odd name.

  • DB

    Preordered, then canceled. Thought it was a game based on US politics in the 70s. Kinda like Inquisitor, except your inquisitor is actually a President.

    My mistake.