Model Dads posts AK-Interactive’s 1945 German Colors: a video review

Model Dads has posted up another of their video reviews. This one’s for AK-Interactive’s 1945 German color set.


From the review:

With interest in the Endkampf being fanned by the release of Desperate Measures and Fall of the Reich it seemed opportune to review AK-Interactive’s 1945 German Colors camouflage profile guide.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Octopus Pattern’. New one on me…

  • Free* worldwide shipping from AK Interactive to the US requires a minimum order of $338.26 to qualify. Regular shipping to the US is $79.89.

    AK publishes some of the best historical modeling books and creates the best pigments and weathering powders.

    I’ll have to wait until this book filters to distributers stateside.