MLRS announce new series

MLRS Books have announced a new series of WWII books.

From their announcement:

MLRS Books are pleased to announce the imminent publication of a set of reprints of the Monthly Anti-Submarine Reports. These were issued by the Admiralty to all naval vessels and anti-submarine establishments throughout the war. They are very detailed and cover the events at sea as well as new ideas and techniques used to defeat the threat posed by the German U-Boats. We have been loaned a complete set of the reports by the Naval Historical Branch (Royal Navy) which are being processed currently.

The reports contain many oversized charts and diagrams which will explain what seems to be a high price for each volume. Every chart is reprinted in its original place in the book and at a size which corresponds to that of the original.

The rarity of a complete set of these reports need not be emphasised and MLRS intends them to serve as a complete record of the anti-submarine campaign. This battle, which lasted throughout the war, was the one which could have spelled defeat for the Allies had the Germans managed to deny the North Atlantic to the convoys and their escorts. It was the one campaign which caused Churchill his greatest worry, for he knew the consequence of failure to defeat the U-Boats would have been disaster for Great Britain and  Europe.

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are now available – just email us for details – they are not yet on the web site – they are available in the Bookshop at the National Archives, Kew