Mississinewa Miniatures offering vintage fantasy figures

Mississinewa Miniatures have purchased moulds from Mega Minis and are offering some of their fantasy figures for sale.


From their announcement:

When Mega Miniatures announced their cheap molds, we received several queries regarding what we would charge to run these molds. This made us believe there was a good deal of interest in these vintage figures. After some discussion, we decide to go ahead and purchase the molds and offer castings for sale. After all, these are fondly remembered figures from back in our gaming days and we wanted some for ourselves anyway. We’re pricing the figures at $1.00 USD each. With quantity discounts, you can get castings for under $0.82 USD and we offer free shipping world wide on orders over $25.00 USD.

We’re offering these castings for close to what we would charge for contract casting so this is about as cheap as you can get figures without casting them yourself. Of course, you can cast them yourself but If you want these figures cast by professional casters or if you just don’t have the resources to do it yourself, then take a look in the Mississinewa Miniatures store for great bargains on these Vintage Miniatures.