• mathieu

    “Review” on a KS seems to be as meaningful as “pro painted” on ebay. Clearly he did not bother trying the brushes, nor apparently any of the previous ones produced by G&G…

    It amazes me how “it looks cool” is the best thing people can say about this brushes yet still recommend them over the existing and long proven ranges out there. Or how they can be fooled by a 1500% funding when the original goal was so ludicrously tiny.

  • estrus

    I’m truly perplexed as to why this is doing as well as it is. I know a bunch of people that got burned bad by the first brush KS.

  • Sejanus

    generally a review includes imparting insight on the quality and performance of the item looked at. since these clowns think that somehow equates to oooooing and aawwwwwwwing on how cool it looks, what did anyone expect.

    form yer own opinion THEN do a review, dont just barf back up what someone begged you to say.

    Shilling 101 FAIL.

  • I’d need to read a review of someone actually using a product and comparing it to something before I buy. In G&G’s case I’d need a verdict of vastly improved quality compared to their prior efforts before I’d buy.

    This here is a must read by Meg Maples (ex studio painter for privateer press) on painting with focus on brushes. Everything you need to know about brushes from a pro. Even a comparison between brands – including G&G last effort.


    Here is a good review of G&G’s last effort with tests and a comparison from a self confessed amateur.


  • Soulfinger

    “Imagine painting with this.” You sure as hell won’t see anyone painting with them in this video.

    He wags the brush below his eye, while staring intently at the camera, and I wait for him to start applying eye-liner with it. They’ll never see paint in his hands. The aluminum body of the brush reminds him of the one pencil he used in the one art class in school. I can only assume that he was using a drafting pencil, because I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting their brushes to feel like the staedtler pencils I used in my classes. The dark casing reminds me of a Prismacolor marker I used once in college. The bristles bring to mind the coat worn by Batman’s mother as she was fatally shot. Art stuff! Nerd references! Are you sold yet? Free association descriptions always trump definitive examples of quality.

    ‘You can drop it, but I’m not going to, because it’s really special to me. Precious even. A hobbit might find it and make off with it.’ It’s at this point I start thinking about that site where you can pay people $5 to say whatever you want them to say, whether its a review, a video greeting card, and so on. They have no experience with the item, no knowledge of the field, they just read a script. Hands-down, this is one of those “reviews,” which is to say a blatant advertisement with no redeeming qualities. I’d never checked out miniwargaming before, but this video was a compelling argument for me to steer well clear of their reviews.

    Send me some of those brushes, and I’d mash on those caps a few dozen times at an awkward angle, like we all inevitably do, to see how damaged the bristles get. I’d bend one until it snaps in half to let you know the strength of the material compares. I’d see how long it takes me to scratch the paint off, simulating a year of normal wear. I’d marathon paint for a couple days, put the set in the hands of a high school kid learning to paint, and then let my 8-year-old have a go with them. That’s the kind of stuff I want to know. Far too many people get their review copies and think, “Oooh! Free swag! I’d better fellate these brushes, so they’ll send me more.”

    • mathieu

      I’d pay good money (like maybe the $5 I wouldn’t send to any of these sites you were referring to) to read a review by you.

      • Soulfinger

        Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say. I’ll be hoping soon that people will say the same thing about a game that I’ve written. I’m increasingly tempted to do a gaming type blog as well, but until then I do at least kvetch an awful lot on the blog for the writer’s group I run.

        • “Sure, these brushes look alright, but let’s see what happens when we give them the Steamroller Test(tm)! The last batch of miniatures didn’t do so well, but I’ve got high hopes for these.”


          I kid because I love, Soulfinger.