Miniature Central now live

Miniature Central is a great, new place to help keep track of your miniatures collection and create armies, among other things. Go check it out.

Miniature Central


From the launch:

Dallas/Ft.Worth is well-know as the national mecca for board gaming enthusiasts and board game manufacturers. On August 1st, Miniature Central will go live and will be the connection between games, players and manufacturers. The first of its kind, MCen allows miniature enthusiasts to track and trade gaming miniatures, review games and record “clashes” between players. The database of miniatures is the largest, most complete and most accurate accumulation of information currently in existence. “Toy Industry Association’s Adrienne Appell says one of the biggest toy trends reported this year is that people are preferring more traditional toys. The reason for this, she says, is that the new generation just wants to put down the phone, put down the tablet and connect face-to-face with other people.”, says VOA news. With the hobby thriving in Dallas-Fort Worth, our city would seem to agree. On launch day, the founder, Dan “DP” Pepin, plans giveaways for hundreds of dollars of gift cards, game sets, miniatures and painting sets to get the word out. “The excitement around our site is palpable. Even before launch we have over 9,000 fans waiting to use the functionality that MCen has to offer. We are very proud to provide this service to our fellow gamers to research, catalog, trade and record all aspects of their miniature gaming life.”