Miniature Building Authority’s Inventory Sale

Miniature Building Authority finished up their annual inventory counts and they’ve got some extra of some pieces they’d like to clear out. As such, they’re having a sale over in their webshop.

Also, they regret to inform that they’re having to raise shipping rates. Rates go up at the start of February, so get your sale orders in before then and save even more.


From the announcement:

We just finished up our annual inventory. After reviewing our counts, we have found some items that we need to reduce. So this works out great for our customers. This is not only MBA products, but also our Direct Terrain as well. We have some great savings for you this year, so take advantage while you can in both 15mm and 28mm. This sale will run from now until January 31st, 2015.

Shipping rates are going up. We have held off on raising shipping costs for two years, but between UPS and USPS the rates have gone up about 40%. So we have to increase the shipping rates. New rates will take effect on February 1st. For now, all orders under $200 are charged a flat $10 ship and any continental USA order (not including PO boxes) will be free shipping over $200. As we get closer to February we will post the new rates.

  • 4tonmantis

    Some of the sales prices are really good.. others seem like they bring those items a little closer to sane pricing. Several of the accent pieces are extremely reasonable.

  • shiny

    Initially I was taken aback by their MSRP, but the bits are painted pretty nicely and are ready-to-play when you get them. You’re going to pay a premium for that quality.

    • n815e

      They are worth the money, if you can afford it.

    • 4tonmantis

      Perhaps I’m looking at different images.. I didn’t see anything on the site that I couldn’t do with a craft brush and 15 minutes. The pre-painted stuff they have on clearance looks like something I have done in the past with foam core. It’s extremely easy and I can get that for $1 a board at the dollar store.