Miniature Building Authority Releases the Latest Yoders Dancer

Miniature Building Authority reveals this year’s figure is the latest pole dancer to grace the stages of Yoders:

**NSFW** Click Here to go to Miniature Building Authority

From their website:

Many of our customers are very aware of our Amish Adult Entertainment Facility that comes out every year at Historicon.

MBA DIR-070 is $4.95 and does not come painted. She can be ordered from:

This is another fine product that Miniature Building Authority offers as a direct only item. These items can only be obtained from us at the shows, or on the website.

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  • Veritas

    I’m not a prude or anything, but if somebody opened this up at work there could be issues. Shouldn’t the picture be behind a link that clearly states NSFW instead of popping up at the top of the front page?

    • Yeah.. I just opened this with my 8 and 7 year old kids pretty much looking over my shoulder. Thanks for that TGN.

  • Ady

    I too like logging on to TGN to be faced with a NSFW image. Seriously, please use some degree of judgement before publishing images like this as it simply is unacceptable.

  • Though I respect a parent’s right to choose what their children see/do, I find the concerns perplexing.

    Over the past few months, there have been a number of pictures depicting violence and other violent looking characters yet this is the first time I’m seeing a concern over a miniatgure.

    Personally, I don’t think the miniature is very well done but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Again, no disrespect meant to any of the other people who posted. I just think that, as a society, we have to figure out why violence is okay and a figure showing a women’s breast is not.

    • What figure specifically features violence? A space marine standing around with a bolter or a knight holding a sword is no more violent than a soldier holding an m-16. If TGN had posted images of models where the brains were sculpted leaving the back of the skull then I might have a problem. This is entirely different.

      • Okay… so gluttony has his guts hanging out but that’s all grayish. This is painted to very clearly be a woman on a stripper pole.

      • ummm… look 2 posts down and see a figure holding a severed, bloody head.

        BTW, it is painted 😉

        I love my miniature games and I accept that they are, for the most part, depicting violence. That is why I won’t play historical games depicting real events with real people represented. All our WW2 games have a fantasy element to it to make it more fictional.

        Again, this is my choice and I respect that it is neither right or wrong. The only purpose of my comments are for people to question for themselves what is right for them and why.

  • TGN Ross

    The image has been taken down, and link with the proper warning has been put up.

    TGN is a work friendly site, so with that in mind I will update the Rules/FAQ on images.

    Also, as a society it would be good to figure out what is okay and what is not. But I dont think this thread would be the place to do so. 🙂

  • Sejanus

    Personally I have a greater problem with the out of scale nipples on the woman…plus not to mention the whole Amish Adult Entertinment Facility…I mean seriously?

    There are so many other ways they could have done this up.
    As for the issue of nudity vs violence….an age old argument…give us our guns but heaven forbid we see some skin.

    Rather silly when one thinks about it…when it comes to breasts, you’ve seen one you’ve seen em both.