Mimic Miniatures: Personalized Gaming Miniatures of You project up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 2nd, 2013

Mimic Miniatures is up on Kickstarter looking to fund their project where they’ll make miniatures that look like you.

From the campaign:

Become your OWN personalized gaming miniature to use in any of your RPG, Tabletop, or Miniature games!

Mimic Miniatures has just launched on Kickstarter come check us out!

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  • I hope the people that pledge realise what 0.2mm resolution means so they’ll be happy with what they are getting.

  • Veritas

    If I was into stereotypes I’d guess the miniatures crafted from this project should 90% ogres and dwarves with some very skeletal looking elves for the last 10%.

    • Veritas

      *should be

  • Soulfinger

    So, it’s like one of those old timey photograph places where you dress up like a cowboy or a BDSM gimp and have a sepia tone photo taken . . . except with miniatures. Of course it funds right away, because there’s nothing role players like more than playing themselves — except 100 pounds skinnier. You can even place the miniature in base to base contact with miniatures of scantily clad women and pretend that they are having an interesting conversation about dice bowls. I can’t wait to meet the guy who uses one of these as his Warhammer general so that I can say, “Sure, killing your general in the first turn and then targeted his lifeless corpse with every subsequent attack cost me the battle, but . . . hey, I just notice, he kind of looks like you!”

    Best uses for these custom heads:

    — Put one on a Darth Vader figure and hollow out the helmet, so that when the face is revealed — holy crap, it’s you!
    — Use the custom heads for a reenactment of Jack Chick’s “Dark Dungeons” pamphlet.
    — Put one on your Space Marine Commander and then hollow out the helmet, so that when the face is revealed — holy crap, it’s Darth Vader!

  • Major_Gilbear

    This failed to fund back in May, so he’s dropped all the prices and funding level and trying again? Wow, just shows what a ripoff it was first time around!

    Now you can get a crummy model that looks barely like you for just $800! Bargain! Oh, but wait… You get to “create great family moments” too? Yep, I’ll bet the look you get from your SO as you try to explain what junk you’ve just bought on KS will be priceless!

  • blkdymnd

    It’s actually a pretty cool idea, when used in less vain manners. I pledged for two possible reasons, might do both. We just had a gamer friend pass away from a heart attack, some of thought it would be cool to have a mini made of him that we could all keep in memory. The other, my LGS owner I may have one done for. She just achieved 20 years as a store owner, and has been a huge contributor to the community during those 20 years.

    • The idea is sound – the print quality is that of shapeways and the only reason it doesn’t look pixelated is because they are thrown into a machine that smooths everything somewhat. 0.2mm resolution in a 3mm head = 15 lines. That is quite rough stepping considering what they are selling. They don’t even mention this time around that the wedding cake figures that look somewhat like the real couple are much larger scale than the rest. Just look at the cancelled KS and it’s there. Based on the raws from their last try I’d say they even have them printed up at shapeways. I am pretty sure it will take some work to make the “stepping” go away from the heads you get. Personally I feel they are not really being up front about what you are actually getting.

      The 3D renders they have for show are of course high res, but that’s not what’s coming out of the printer. If you want some proper likeness you can do this on your own. Here is a link to free software to do it from Autodesk (among many others).
      Then send it off to a printer that uses the liquid resin/polymer laser sintering technique. That’s what all the miniature companies use as the resolution is 0,016mm. That’s a HUUUUUGE difference.

      • grimbergen

        I won a contest a while ago with the wargames factory and they made a custom mini of my likeness, and even the preview prints were of great quality, equal in detail to GW plastics.

        I don’t know what the resolution was, but it was one of those online prototyping sites and I was sold on the idea. I never received the final plastic run as it was during the controversial situation where the founder Tony lost control of the company, but the quick preview print is good enough that there is no doubt it is mini-me.