MillyBod running Kickstarter for drawstring dice bags

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Nov 13th, 2013

MillyBod has a Kickstarter campaign running in order to fund a line of drawstring dice bags.


From the campaign:

Store and transport all your gaming dice meeples and other components safely and in style to avoid the need to use tired cheap zip bags

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  • edward3h

    Seems more like the kind of thing I’d expect to find on Etsy.

  • Riquende

    I don’t get dice bags. Maybe it’s just representative of the diverse games I play, but my dice transportation method allows me to keep d6s separate to d4/8/12 etc, and then further compartments for specialist dice like scatter, block, so on. Why would I want to just throw them all into a single bag so I have to re-sort them before every game?

    • Bewulf

      You wouldn’t. 🙂
      In such a case it would probably be best to use different dice bags for different needs. For example I have a rpg and a wargaming dice bag. Works like a charm and no sorting required.

      • Riquende

        Or have one tray with different compartments.

  • Riquende

    Also, what’s a meeple?

    • Bewulf

      A Meeple is a roughly human-shaped playing piece used in boardgames like Carcassonne.

      • Soulfinger

        They are like people but easier to lose under the couch (if you don’t count children under four years of age).

        I agree that posting dice bags up on KS is a giant backward step in innovation. If only someone were to post a more practical alternative . . . if only that person were me . . . if only I were more muscular . . . oh well. Some people though only own one or two sets of dice, so the whole dice bag thing works out. They just dump it out onto the table each game — unlike me with several pounds of dice compartmentalized into multiple Plano sorting trays.

      • Riquende

        Don’t people keep board game pieces in the box with the board?

        Yeah, I don’t think these are for me…

  • cybogoblin

    Are the bags big enough to hold my smartphone which has a couple of dice rolling apps on it?

  • Killraven

    All of that instead of the bog standard 5″x7″ velour dice bags that your FLGS sells for about $2.50?

    I do like their use of the cord locks though.