Military In Miniature – 22nd March, 2014 – Guildford, UK

Military in Miniature is coming next weekend to Gilford, UK. Will you be there?


From the announcement:

With less than a week to go, I’m jumping on the final round of advertising for our little local show – Military in Miniature!

Entry Prices:
£2 for Adults,
£1.50 for Concessions,
£1 for children
Family ticket (2 adults and 3 Children) £5

Games on show for demo / participation or Intro:
– Bolt Action (28mm WWII)
– 40K (28mm Sci Fi)
– X-Wing & Attack Wing (Sci-Fi Space combat)
– Anyaral: World of Twilight (28mm fantasy)
– Flames of War (15mm WWII)
– Dystopian Wars (Fantasy Sea fleet combat)
– Malifaux (28mm Steam punk / Fantasy Skirmish)
– The Board 2 Death club will also be demoing a variety of Board games

Traders Booked:
– Anarchy models, … ts&fref=ts
– Black Hat / Coat D’arms –
– Anyaral: world of Twilight,
– Last man Last Bullet,
– SnM Stuff:
– ADM models,
– Tommy Atkins toy Soldiers,
– Western Miniatures (flats)
– The Flat figure society,
– as well as a couple of Plastic Kit and diorama accessory traders who only operate at shows, so I cant link you to them!

Other Displays:
– 5 clubs from the BMSS will be displaying their painting
– The HobbyBrush will have a number of cabinets with work shown on the site to see in person from about a dozen different painters. –
– Well-attended Painting Competition with 14 categories
– Sealed Knot ECW re-enactment society
– and a Victorian Re-enactment society – the Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regiment.


And that’s all Next Saturday – Hope to see some of you there!