Mierce Miniatures Posts Latest Releases

2016 is the Year of New Editions (as far as I’m concerned), and that can even include first editions. For example, Mierce Miniatures has released their Darklands: First Edition rulebook. It’s a 364 page book giving you all the information you need to play the game. You could read a page a day and be done in just shy of a year. They also have a bunch of miniatures they’ve released for both Darklands and BaneLegions.

And there we have them. You’ve got a bunch of Orcs. There’s a pair of demons. There’s an Ent. You’ve got a giant beetle. And various other things, most of which I’m not even going to try and pronounce (as is pretty common for Mierce releases).

You can pick these up in the Mierce Miniatures webshop now.


  • odinsgrandson

    I got to check out one of their early versions of the game at Gencon a while ago. It had a cool order/activation sequence similar to Wargods.

    Their minis line is fantastic. This set has a few more Warhammeresque minis in it than usual. A lot of their lineup is pretty unique (and the sculpting/casting is all terrific).


    “Queefus” and “Shazham”? Did Mierce finally run out of strange Celtic-sounding unpronounceable names?

    That birdman looks really sharp, though.