Mierce Miniatures launches new Darklands Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures got a new Kickstarter campaign for their Darklands game underway. This time it’s new Kindreds.



From the campaign:

Darklands: New Kindreds is a fantastic Kickstarter project from Mierce Miniatures designed to fund miniatures for three new kindreds – the Atalantes, the Érainn and the Jutes – that each provide you with an Infantry Starter Set that includes a general, infantry unit and monstrous beast!

  • odinsgrandson

    I’ve always liked Bane Legion minis.

    Did they ever work out their legal/ethical troubles? I didn’t hear how that ended up.

    • leonmallett

      “Did they ever work out their legal/ethical troubles?”

      Arguably leggaly so far ‘yes’, ethically on the other hand, ‘no’. I say that as a customer of Maelstrom who like many was left out of pocket. Rob Lane (the man behined Maesltrom, Mierce and myriad other companies) had a company called Maelstrom which somehow managed to lose money, hundreds of thousands of pounds, during the time Mierce was started. Do the math as they say.

      Rob Lane is unscrupulous and has never reached out to customers burned by his business. Kickstarter saved him as far as I can see. A shame so many customers and suppliers had to be burned by his business decisions before then.

      • odinsgrandson

        Oh- I had heard that Mierce made some promises about fulfilling Maelstrom’s outstanding orders. I guess that didn’t happen for you?

  • Kickstarter after kickstarter from Mierce. Have they delivered?

    • paul.round@btinternet.com

      I had some concerns with their first kickstarter campaign but I have to say in my experience they’ve been great at keeping their kickstarter backers updated with progress; they’ve delivered in a timely fashion, resolved occasional problems and replied to messages really quickly. There have been some delays with getting the rule books out but they’ve made them available to download as they updated and tweaked them and now have the physical quick starter rules available so progressing nicely.

      I’ve backed a fair number of Kickstarter projects and seen my fair share of poorly managed ones; these guys are honestly one of the best I’ve come across.

      Fantastic diversity of models as well – too many for my pockets to keep up with 🙂

    • leonmallett

      Interestingly, they have overlapping launch and delivery periods, regardless of lateness on some stuff. I know what conclusions I would draw, but mileage will vary.

      • wittdooley

        What has been late, Leon? Nothing that I’m aware of.

        We get the point you’re trying to make. In this instance it’s an incorrect one.

  • Alpharius

    @Odinsgrandson – probably not to everyone’s satisfaction, but…yes?

    @Chimericist – yes, they’ve delivered on a lot already. They are, admittedly, very much a “Kickstarter Company” now though – it is the best way for them to continue to book freelance sculptors and grow the Darklands line.

  • StygianBeach

    They have some nice stuff that I would buy if they made it in metal.

    Esp that Warrior Shaman with the wolfskin pelt.

    • odinsgrandson

      I’ve worked with their resin before, and it is definitely of a good quality. It is not inferior to metal (nothing like Finecast).